Visit Spain’s History

Are you religious? Whether you are or not there are places on the Peninsula Iberica that are of a profound historic importance, places that are recognized as sacred by millions of people, regardless of their creed, Europeans and from elsewhere.Places like Santiago de Compostela in Galicia, northwest corner of Spain and Fatima in Portugal… I say to you my friend, sometime in your life time you must visit these sacred places, if you haven’t done so already. We did, me and my wife and our daughter and I am just sorry that we didn’t stay longer… A totally moving experience, a trip that remains on your memory for as long as you live. There is something that I can not explain, something that calls me back, so we plan to return and spend more time in these sacred places.

You can find a lot of information about these places on the internet, so I won’t inform you here about the history, I am no expert by any means. The only quick note I make, in case you didn’t know, Santiago is declared to be a Holly Town just like Rome and Jerusalem and that it is the second most visited place on earth after Vatican.

I will only write about things related to our trip and some unexplained details that made it even more remarkable, as you will see.

I drove from our house on the Costa Blanca near Torrevieja and did approx. 2500 km in 2 1/2 days; pretty crazy eh…? (rest of the time, visiting sites). The closer we got to the City of Santiago the more people we saw on the site of the road, bicycling or walking. We were surprised because there were still several km more to go, yet, people were walking… God bless them!We get to the Cathedral… One can not describe the overvelming feeling of such a grandiose place… you do feel you stand on sacred ground… I cried and felt meek and humbled… I assume that all the people arriving in front of this grander must feel some kind of emotion – or otherwise you are not human, you are Martian!We got there on a Friday; visited all that there was to visit, took in the neighborhood around the Cathedral, it’s really nice, these cobblestone narrow streets, a little bit too commercialized in my opinion, but nice overall.

On Sunday morning we went to the Mass, the church was overcrowded but in was a beautiful Service.The Service finishes, people finally talking to each other and some are heading for the exits in all directions, we wonder around for few minutes and end up standing close to the center of one of the wings of this majestic site; all of a sudden I feel some warmth around, I look up and see a shining of sunlight coming from one of the small windows high above on the top of the ceiling right over the three of us and not bigger than the place we were standing on; that sunlight was not there before, it had to come from above, some electrical discharge must have through the floor to make that happen.

After the Service we went to the supermarket to buy some things to eat, I forget what, it was some thing like cheese, salad, fried potatoes and some fruit. By the time we finished eating and buying things we had ordered, some of the stuff in the supermarket was not there, some was in a different order. The order we received when we got there was not right, maybe not even week day, it was out of date, but we still eat and buy.

On the way back home we stopped off at a Wawa (a gas station, in Canada they call it a Wawa) and had enough Wawa Fuel to fuel our car for a week. We had lunch at a restaurant on the way back that was pretty good.

We ended up going to a few beaches, Vancouver and Victoria, they were all a sandbar, basically paved with thetype of heavy sand that makes a beach landing rather difficult, so we had to bail out of some of our windows and dip our tires in the water.