Visit Newport Beach California

Newport Beach, home to Newport Harbor and Balboa Island, is fifty miles from Los Angeles, California and within easy reach of Disneyland, the Home of Mickey Mouse.

Rent a yacht and sail almost 2,000 miles coastline (cost is included in the price of admission to the site)Take a sunset cruise and feed colonies of humpback whalesThanks to hour-long cruises that last up to 2 hours, tourists can view the whales from the port side, just as you would with a commercial yacht. Ask the crew to Mog your image of the magnificent creature to the skipper. You can also take scuba-diving lessons and check out the “Humpback Odyssey” shop, where marina equipment is readily available.

Dine at small eateries and take long walks along the beachYou don’t need a lot of luggage with you. Canoeing along the beach (end to end, there are only three miles of beach along the route) allows you to appreciate the full beauty of your surroundings. ( Embracing the north as well as the south, side by side with the magnificent structures of the Disneyland Estates, or Ritz-Carlton.

To the passing tourist, a walk down a boardwalk can seem very romantic, but it is really more of a leisurely tour that attracts thousands of tourists every year. There are two boardwalks in Newport Beach: a north-south boardwalk and a east-west boardwalk.

addressed by the names given, one can opt for romantic walks on the south boardwalk, duck into a private residence in the west, or bike up the hill to the crest of Mount Scalian. What is more, the slopes of Mount Scalian are the perfect place to have a “just once” away – a summit ride that is truly memorable.

You do not have to bring your bike along with you onto the bike-friendly paths of the west boardwalk.

Just be careful where you step, though. Snow has been known to fall from the skies onto the city and trains, so be careful and wear a downhill helmet. With the bike count in mind, consider taking a ride along the major roads of the area instead.

There are places beyond Mount Scalian where you can have more extreme adventuresome-like excursions. Such as relentless downpours and rapid water currents of the Goat’s Run Canal. The pristine waters are home to a healthy population of freshwater fish, as well as other wildlife, and you also have the opportunity to see the rare find of the nocturnal Bear-Poet and Wolf.

The real excitement in Newport Beach, however, is whale watching. The best places for whale watching are on the beach, but also in various other areas. Boathook Bay in Newport, Whale Beach in Manhattan Beach, and Crystal Cascades in Long Beach are just a few.

The waters of the coast may be calm and secluded, but there are still plenty of creatures to be seen.

Lobsters, shrimp, tuna and other marine life make their homes in these waters and offer a memorable experience for inquirers.

To the north, the waters encountered by the Humpback whales,represented by the hump on their back, can be very rough on the flats. Even hard hats can be displaced in the water.

These days, however, the waters are more conducive to safe swimming. One advantage of this attitude is the absence of trash cans, idling motorized boats and other objects that become a health hazard.

Also, the waters are open longer. This permits sunlight to reach the sea floor, which results in a healthier flora and fauna.

Open air boats starting from the Newport Beach area direct tourist traffic to the area of the humpback whale. An Lump Destin staff member will direct traffic from the city to the Whiting Beach boardwalk.

We encourage our visitors to enjoy the variety of attractions the Southern California region has to offer, as well as the natural beauty of the Catalina Coast. If you have experienced a procession of whales at the Southern California shores, you will not find that experience anywhere else.